Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie - title - questions?

You got Questions? We got Answers!

Are your products all Vegan?

Our Complete Cookies are all Vegan (no dairy or egg) but our other products such as the Muscle Muffin and Muscle Brownie are not Vegan.

Are your products Non-GMO?

Our Complete Cookies and Muscle Muffins are made with Non-GMO ingredients and our palm oil is from renewable resources (not clearcutting). Muscle Brownie is not currently GMO free but it will be in the future.

How many servings is one 4oz Complete Cookie?

Each 4oz Complete Cookie contains 2 servings.

What kind of protein do you use?

Our 4oz Complete Cookies each contain 16 grams of vegetable protein. Our Muscle Muffins and Muscle Brownies both contain whey protein.

Do The Complete Cookies contain soy?

No, our Complete Cookies contain no soy ingredients!

Are your products Kosher?

Our Complete Cookies and Muscle Muffins are Kosher and follow the traditions expressed by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. Our Muscle Brownies are currently not Kosher.

Do your chocolate chip or double chocolate chip cookies contain any alcohol?

Absolutely not. None of our products have any ingredients that contain alcohol.

What else do your Complete Cookies NOT have?

In addition to being Vegan, Kosher, and Non-GMO, our Complete Cookies have no soy, no high fructose corn syrup, no sugar alcohols, no eggs, no dairy, no cholesterol, and no trans fat.

I buy your cookies everywhere. Sometimes they are very soft and sometimes a little dry. Does this mean the cookies are old or stale?

Of course not. Obviously a super soft cookie is amazing, but In baking, water activity and moisture content must be controlled to ensure a longer shelf life. Cookie texture will vary by flavor. Some flavors will be soft; some a little more firm. Either way, they taste incredible!